Monday, January 24, 2011

Julie's Sewing Skills

Growing up my mom could sew anything.  At least that's how it felt.  If we needed new Barbie clothes, mom could make them.  Cabbage Patch kid duds - those too.  And I remember her making a large amount of our Sunday dresses as well.

Well, guess what?  I never inherited those genes.

I tried my hand at sewing back in my middle school days and all I remember is getting frustrated, crying and having the hardest time making a simple apron.  So I stuck to cross-stitching and other less frustrating, more logical pursuits.

My daughter is different.  She started sewing with Grandma not too long ago after Grandma made her a mountain of clothes for her American Girl doll (the Cabbage Patch kid of today). 

Then Grandma surprised her for Christmas and got her her very own sewing machine!!  Julie has been begging to use it but since I didn't inherit those genes and have no idea how to operate a sewing machine (OK, I have a slight inkling how it operates, but no skill), we hadn't gotten it out yet.

Last Saturday that changed.  We drove to Grandma's for a lesson.

And when we left, Natalie (her American Girl doll) was one skirt richer.

Now, she'll have to start teaching me!

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  1. She must be so proud! My two oldest girls (10 and 7) are enjoying learning how to sew too.


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