Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chores or Chances to Fight

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Funny thing I've learned since being a parent.  Everything is a chance to fight with your sibling.

Get a fun new toy?  Yup, it's really just something new to fight with your brother over.

Like a new movie?  Definitely!! Until you find out she likes it too, then you must fight to until one of you "LOVES IT MORE!"

So, here's a new one at our house.  Since my recent surgery, it's been hard for me to bend down, so I asked Julie to empty the bottom of the dishwasher for me.  She loved it so much (crazy, I know!) that she has asked to empty the dishwasher the last three times it ran.  {How could she have been alive for almost 8 years and I never knew this!!!  Oh, well, that's a different blog post.}  I never knew this was cause for sibling fights until David runs into my room almost in tears.

"Mommy, please, please can I please empty the dishwasher next time.  I want to do it too!  It's no fair!"

Well, we can't not be fair around here, can we? 

What I said was, "Certainly, honey.  You can for sure empty it next time." 
What I was thinking was, "Hmm, wonder what other good chores I can get them to do..."

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