Friday, March 11, 2011

People of the ER

You know that website "People of Walmart?" (I'm not going to link to it because I really don't like it,  You can google it.)

Well we should make a new one called "People of the ER."

I, unfortunately, had to spend some time there last Saturday night and, let me tell you, there are some real winners in the ER. 

1)  Let's start with Stompy McStomperson, as my husband called him.  He was a drug addict trying to score some painkillers.  In the meantime, the doctors and nurses were doing their best to stall him and make him wait for a long time.  In response, he decided to start stomping the floor...constantly...for over an hour.  Then he would stop for 10-15 minutes, then it's right back at it again.  Keep in mind this is at like 2 in the morning.  Then he would ask every woman that walked by "Are you my nurse.  I need my nurse."  Come on, dude!  I'm sure you know who your nurse is and stopping every other nurse just makes it so people who really need help have to wait longer to get it (um, people like me, who had to wait 6 hours to find out I didn't have appendicitis).

2)  Next we'll go with Cussy McCursin.  He was an elderly guy that had fallen in the nursing home.  I really did feel sorry for him.  He had dementia and had no idea where he was or why.  When they asked where he was, he said he was someplace where they sold Chevrolets.  When they asked him the year, he just didn't answer.  All of that, I'm OK with.  What I'm not OK with is that every other word out of his mouth was an explicative.  "You blankety blank nurse.  I need some blankety blank dinner or I'll blank in my pants."  The nurses did try to get him to stop but everyone in that wing of the ER heard every bad word out of his mouth.

3)  Last of all we have the crazy parent with the screaming kid.  The child needed a breathing treatment, which I'll grant you, it's no fun to have to hold someone down for one of those.  However the mom was just yelling at her kid over and over.  "What's wrong with you? Stop screaming, stop yelling!"  Hello!!  What's wrong with the kid is that it's 3 in the morning. They're tired and they don't feel good.  You're sticking some strange thing over their nose and mouth and holding it there.  Of course, they are going to be upset.  Stop yelling at them and just try to comfort them.

That definitely was not one of the better nights of my life.  I hope that next time one of us ends up in the ER, we won't be put on the crazy ward but they will put us with normal, sane people who are just trying to get better.  If that places exists.....

What about you?  What's your worst ER experience?


  1. Sounds like an unfortunate night... the last thing I want when I feel bad is to have to deal with other people!

    For the druggie, I'm sure he had no idea what he was doing.
    For the demential patient, I'm thinking we are all headed that way if we live long enough. Something in our brain quits filtering - I was at the nursing home last night to see my uncle and his roommate was doing the same thing - of course all the cursing words have to be yelled (!)
    For the mom, who knows what her problem was... as I get older, I realize that we do the best we know how to do at the time ~ unfortunately some of us are slow learners, as I was... I'm sure that mom was also tired and emotionally in pain because her child was hurting.

    Why is life so hard?
    And spiritual warfare plagues us on every front.

    I'm dealing with yucky life situations this week and I appreciated reading your blog. Kinda gave me a little perspective on my whole situation.

    Hope you are feeling better now and no more ER trips for you this year!!!

  2. Took my 7 year old in at midnight a few years back because the nurse line was sure she had meningitis... they gave her a cup of tylenol, and sent us back out to sit in the ICEBOX waiting room for 4 hours at which point the 12 year old resident on call decided she was fine (not even a blood test) and sent us home $1000 poorer. NOT KIDDING. New follower... love your blog! Come see me...


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