Monday, March 7, 2011

How do you do your laundry?

I my house, I call laundry the "neverending chore #2" (dishes get the number one spot).  And I am always looking for ways to improve my neverending chores.

Lately I have been "testing" out two different laundry methods.  I'm still not sure which is best, but here they are:

1) Do all your laundry in one day.  This is how I was taught to do laundry and how I have done it for 10 years.  Have a big 'ole laundry day and just switch out washer/dryer loads all day. Then put on a good show on TV and start folding your life away.

2) Recently I decided to try something different - do one load of laundry every day.  Put the load in the washer first thing in the morning.  Switch it out before lunch and fold after school.  I kind of like this method but it's throwing me off a little on how to deliver it and get people to put it away.  With method #1, I would put all of Julie's clothes in one basket, all of David's in another, and so forth.  Then I'd deliver the baskets to their rooms and it would be their job once a week to put away clean clothes.  With method #2, I'm not sure if I should have an ongoing basket for each person and add to it as I go, still delivering and putting away once a week, or if I should deliver them everyday.

What do you think?  How do you do your laundry?  I'd love to hear what works for you.


  1. I do it once a week because that's all I can stand to do the folding and putting away!

  2. I like my method the best. My hubby does almost all of the laundry when he stays up at night. I wake up in the morning and presto!! it's done!

  3. I use the 1 load or so a day method. It gets put away in 1 of 2 ways: 1- During the 5 minute cleanup we do after supper every night each child takes a small stack. Second way is each child takes a small stack to put away on their way up to bed. I put a stack for each of them on the stairs. It does pile up sometimes and then we have a laundry party and everyone in the house puts laundry away before we can have dessert.

  4. I do laundry every day. It is much better than taking a whole day to do laundry. As for puting it away. My children have chores everyday. Each day they are in charge of a different room. So they also put away the clean clothes for that room and take the dirty ones to the laundry room. I take care of the rest. But my 6 year old's play clothes and pj's always just get put on her bed and she has to take care of them everyday. She usuaully chooses to do it first thing after school when taking care of the rest of her stuff. It makes my life so much easier.


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