Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I learned Wednesday: Helpful Links

Trying to make money on your blog?  Check out all my previous What I Learned Wednesday posts.

As I explore how to make money both online in general and specifically through my blog, I find that the best resources are other bloggers.  So I'm going to give you a list of helpful links this week.  Some are on how to make money online.  Some are on how to spruce up your blog.  I plan to follow some of these suggestions and I hope you do too.

1)  Stephanie over at Somewhat Simple tell us 7 ways to give a blog a facelift.  Learn how to change your template design, add a signature, create a button, switch to a dot com, change the font of your blog, add a favicon, and add a horizontal navigation bar.

2)  Amy at Blogging with Amy brainstorms 8 ways to make money online some as a blogger and some not as a blogger.  She follows that up with even more ways to make money online.

3)  Jennifer from the Days of a SAHM is offering to make free blog buttons for anyone interested.

4)  Read one man's story of how he built a business with no money to spend.

5)  Finally, Amy tells us candidly how much real bloggers actually make.  Especially note how many hours a days she puts into blogging - a lot more than I do.

6)  Remember my posts on affiliates?  You can see them here, here and hereAmy gives a more extensive list of affiliates that you can check out.  (See Question 15.)

I tried to compile a great list of resources for you to investigate on your own.  I'd love to hear what changes if any, you are making to your blog as a result.

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