Thursday, October 15, 2009

Elephants, camels and acrobats - Oh My!!

Lions and Tigers and Bears??? Not in our Circus.

We had:


Yes, that elephant is balancing and rolling across the ring on a large drum thingy. It's hard enough for me to stay balanced on an exercise ball!

I'm not sure whose head that is - some kid in front of us. But look at all those elephants standing on their back legs. And the girls that get to ride them. I think that would be way fun! One of these days, maybe I'll get to ride one too.


Camels and horses - much better then tigers, in my opinion. They were fun and lively. However, the best animal act there was a little dog dressed in a stuffed elephant suit. His owner had to "wind him up" with a big screw thing to make him go. Then he would "wind down" and fall over. Then they would "wind him" up again and he would trot along. It was great! But unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that. I was enjoying it too much to think about the camera. That and I was too busy telling my honey that there was a dog in there. He didn't believe me. He thought it was a robot. Boy was he wrong!!

And Acrobats

The acrobats were definitely Julie's favorite parts. There were a bunch of girls climbing and swinging on ropes in unison (a little scantily clad for a kid's circus in my opinion). But her favorite was this contortionist lady who could twist into pretzels. She literally did a backbend so far that her head was resting on her butt! Now really, who wants to do that???? But I was impressed with her strength. Look at this picture! She is holding up her entire body with just one arm and she stayed like that for at least a minute. Very impressive.

Oh My!!

And here are the happy children - one of them has lost all her teeth and the other looks to be turning into a Smurf. Oh wait - that just shows my age. Really he was just hyped up on cotton candy. You know - good healthy stuff.

And there I am with happy, excited and very sleepy kids.

Thanks, Papaw, for the free circus tickets!


  1. Actually I think mommy looks sleepy too!!!

  2. Laura - you are correct!! Fun but exhausting. I don't think the kids have recovered yet. My fingers are crossed that they will sleep in tomorrow.

  3. I'm so excited you posted these pictures, we are going to the circus next Wednesday. I think my kids will have a blast, if my youngest isn't too afraid of the clowns.

    I love the blue lips! Cotton candy will definitely be on our list to munch too.

  4. I am kind of afraid of the circus... not sure why or if I have ever admitted that til now. Something about it creaps me out! lol...


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