Monday, October 26, 2009

This week's giveaways at great blogs

There are 2 great giveaways this week.  I almost don't want to tell you about them, because then you will enter and might win.  And if you win, I won't :(.

I'll be nice, though and tell you about them :).

1)  Stephanie at Somewhat Simple is giving away a blog facelift by Designer Blogs.
Who doesn't want a blog facelift????  I know I do.
So go on over to Somewhat Simple and check out the rules.

2)  Kathy at Creative Home Expressions is giving away a beautiful brown pillow from

Go check out Kathy's post and see what you have to do to win (but that matches my couches, so I need to win, not you :)).

Hope you have a great Monday.  This is catchup day for me - meaning I must go do laundry and dishes and dusting (ugh!) and straightening and ... all the other never-ending chores.  Oh wait, that's all of them. 


  1. Wow, these are some great giveaways!! Thanks for sharing!
    Good luck with the chores, I hope you got it all taken care of!

  2. Thanks for being nice and sharing these awesome giveaways!

  3. Nice giveaways:) Love your blog title- I envision my life being similar to yours in just a few years:)

  4. Thanks for the tips on digital scrapbooking. I accidently hit publish post and then took it off because I'm not finished. I am checking out the free software now! Also I would love to see some of your layouts.

  5. I'm hoping to win a blog header and button for my entry into Bad Hair Day contest. I should find out tonight. I think that still gives me time to enter her contest or at least sign up for a discount. So I won't sign up to reduce your chance of winning.