Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look what I did on Friday

Friday was such a great productive day (and yes, I realize it's aaaaaallllllllllll the way to Tuesday now and Friday was such a long time ago, but...I'm just now getting to this, so humor me).

To start off, we had some visitors to our yard. See that pole, that's our back deck. Look how close these young bucks came.

After all that fun and excitement, it's a wonder we got anything done! But there were projects to be done, so...

First off, remember my front door before? As great as it looked, I wanted to spruce up the wreath with some more colors.

Here is the wreath before:

I bought these for $1 each at Michaels. There were stems but those weren't working, so I cut them off with wire cutters.

Used my handy dandy hot glue gun.

And glued those babies to my wreath. There it is on my door. What do you think?

All right, on to the next project. I have to admit this was started before Friday (but finished on Friday). We got to go to Ikea one weekend in Sept when we went to visit my brother in Charlotte. My poor 6 year old had a new table but no chair to go with it. Keep in mind the table is hot pink and we wanted a chair to match. But we found this instead. I thought it was perfect because it was just the right height for her to use at the table, and she could store it underneath.

We got out the pieces, sanded them, primed them with this stuff.

Then for the magic touch - hot pink paint!!

Add that to a girl who's been begging to paint something...

A little boy who loves tools...

And a supervisor and you get...


Doesn't it look good with her table and all her myriads of pink stuff!!!!!! (Pay no attention to the mess. For a 6-year, that's no mess, it's important stuff.)

So there you go - productive Friday. How was your weekend? Do anything productive?


  1. I love your wreath and your hot pink stool is so cute. WE love anything pink around here.

  2. Wow, you were productive! Love the new stool.

    Visiting from SITS--have a great day!

  3. I love that wreath! It is beautiful.

    I just gave you a blog award.

  4. Wow, you were busy! Everything looks great. I love the pop of color in the wreath and the stools are snazzy and effective. Great job!

    Wonderful pictures of the deer too, that had to make your day.

  5. I DID have a productive weekend. I went to a verrry muddy football game and a long rehearsal followed by a loooong and cold competition.

  6. P.S. what really surprises me about those deer in your yard is I know how close the train tracks are to your back door.

  7. I can't believe how close the deer came to your house. What a treat to see them out there!

    I adore your projects too. The wreath looked like an entirely different wreath! You're talented!


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