Saturday, February 13, 2010

How the Dinosaurs Got Dead

(Like every little boy David is fascinated with dinosaurs - how they lived, what (and who) they ate.  But the question I get over and over is always...)

"Mommy, how did the dinosaurs get dead?"

Well, David, there are many different theories on that.  Some people think that an asteroid came down and killed them, some think the weather changed drastically and they died. 

"No, that would be silly, Mommy.  I know how they died."

Really, how?

"People threw sticks in their mouths and the dinosaurs swallowed them and died."

So you think people went and found every single dinosaur and threw a stick in their mouth???

"Wouldn't you die if someone threw a big stick in your mouth and made you swallow it?"

(Duh!  Never argue with 4 yr old logic.)


  1. That is awesome!!!!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us a saturday morning laugh!!!!

  2. I love kid logic. So simple and cute!

  3. that theory is actually better than some i have heard :)


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