Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I wanted to show you pictures of the last snow we got here. We did not get the huge storm that those in Virginia and above got this weekend. But we did get about 5-6 inches the last weekend in Jan. Luckily our neighbors were out playing in the snow and luckily they were gracious enough to share their sleds with us. And luckily we have a great hill in our backyard that we can sled on.  (To our credit we tried to buy sleds after the last snow but every place was sold out and getting in their Spring stuff, so, sadly, no sleds for us this year.)

Even Daddy got in on the sledding action.  He had to take a break from sledding because he was too tired.  So to "relax", he went and shoveled the driveway. :)


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  1. It looks like everyone had a great time in the snow.

    How did that Valentine's production go that you were organising? I bet it was (or will be) a huge success!

    Take care and stay warm!

    Best wishes for a beautiful Valentines with your beautiful family.


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