Monday, February 8, 2010

Need V-day Party Ideas

OK, So I've figured out something monumental.

Blogging, specifically finding time to blog, is hard!

I realized that I went an entire week without an update.  I apologize for that.  So as I sit here and watch the Super Bowl (and cheer for the Colts who are behind at the moment) I'm going to try to write and schedule for the whole week. 

So here is my reason for posting today.  I am in charge of a first grade Valentine's Day party on Friday and I need fun, FREE, games to play for the party.  For the Christmas party we played Bug in a Run and did an M&M relay where they moved M&M's from one bowl to another with little cups.  They really enjoyed those, but I'd like to do something different.  So, please, comment me up with your ideas and/or links to game ideas.  Thanks, in advance!


  1. You could play bingo- print out bingo cards with various heart shapes, and take them into school early this week- have the teacher let the kids color the hearts in, in specific colors.

    For bingo chips, use hershey's kisses or m&m's, or skittles, etc.

    We did cupcake or cookie decorating, too, last year for Gillian's 1st grade class.

    Bake the cookies or cupcakes, and bring in frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc. The kids can spend time decorating them up, then eat them as a snack, or take them home.

  2. Oooh, I love the BINGO idea. Thanks! The decorating idea is good, but I need something that's free :).


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