Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's Pretend


We don't need toys to play with!!

Not when we have couch cushions!!


YOU may think they are cushions just lying on the floor, but really they are beds in their house.  Oh and that thing that looks like a tool bench?  It's their kitchen :).


  1. You're a mom that rocks! My mom would NEVER have let me do that!

  2. My couch cushions come off and become bread for sandwiches, forts, mountains, etc.

  3. I love kids' imaginations. My two would love to do something like that, unfortunately our couch cushions aren't removable. Isn't that weird? We didn't even realize it when we bought the couch, it'll be something to check for next time!

  4. My couch cushions are always on the floor, covered in dog and cat hair.


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