Monday, February 15, 2010

More 4 year old Logic

D:  Is Lightning McQueen real?

Me:  No, he's not.

D:  Yeah, he's just an actor.

D:  I know that Mickey Mouse isn't real because mouses can't talk.

Me:  That's true.  That's very smart of you.

D:  Yeah, but cows can.
Julie:  I can't wait until I'm 8.

D:  Yeah, me neither.  But when I'm 11.....I'll be 100!!

Me (laughing hysterically):  No, you won't, honey, you'll be 11.

D:  Yeah, your right....I won't be 100 until I'm 13.

(Gotta love 4 year old logic!)


  1. haha good job remembering these.. i used to laugh all the time at things my kids said, and i SWORE i would right them down... but would forget what they said by the time i got around to it...

  2. Whenever I hear stories like that I wonder how old children think we son was 6 years old he thought I was about 60...I am not even 40 yet!

    Thanks for taking my button too Cathy-so sweet of you!

    Best wishes,

  3. So cute! My two always say they can't wait until their 10 because they will be so old and then they can drive!


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