Friday, February 26, 2010

Sneakin in some Peas

Giveaway!!! Giveaway!!!
Tune in Monday for my very first giveaway!

What is it?
I'll give you a's something fun for a rainy or snowy day.  It's educational and it comes from a great new website I discovered that has over 200 online stores, including one for kids bedding!  Now I have you thinking, huh?  You'll have to wait ALL weekend to find out what it is.

How do you sneak in some veggies with those kids?

Well, my son is a little unique.  He likes broccoli but won't touch a pea with a ten foot pole.  So the other night, I made a chicken noodle casserole that he likes and I snuck in some peas.  I usually put broccoli in the casserole, but this time I chopped up some peas (yes, I chopped up little tiny baby peas) and added it to the broccoli.  He thought the green stuff was just broccoli.  Boy, did I fool him!  I felt almost giddy from pulling off that switch.

Here it is cooked:
And all chopped up:

See you can't tell the difference now, can you?


  1. brilliant! sometimes i feel a little guilty being deceitful, but when you have picky eaters, there is really no other way around it.. i have a 7 year old that won't eat CHEESE. or vegetables! i even have to puree spagetti sauce so there are NO chunks of tomato, or he won't eat it. sometimes i feel its not worth the hassle, but when i see posts like this, i get motivated :)

  2. That's hilarious that you chopped up peas. I can't even imagine how long that took you! Glad he ate them though, I bet if you do that a couple more times he might actually start eating peas. My secret is butter. I put a bit of butter on any veggies the kids don't like. They could eat butter straight - so disgusting, I know. So it helps a bit.

    Looking forward to your giveaway!

  3. What a sneaky mommy you are! Good job! Gotta get those veggies in them somehow!

  4. Good idea Cathy! I do this kind of thing all the time too. I add grated carrot and courgettes to everything, even muffins!!

    Best wishes,