Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disney fever is just beginning

Well guys, it's back.

We have started planning a Disney trip for Oct and Disney fever is setting in.  Our school system is (finally) giving us a week long Fall break next year and we are going to put it to good use by going to Disney World. Wahoo!

I couldn't help but reminiscence about our last Disney trip by reading back through all the blog posts I wrote before.  To make it easier for myself and others to flip through the posts, I also created a new Disney World! Pinterest board.

Last time we went, the kids were 5 and 7.  This time they will be 8 and 10.  I wonder what differences we'll see.

Before David's favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean and Julie's favorite was Splash Mountain.  Will different rides be their favorites this time?

Lego Star Wars and Disney themed earrings took up most of their spending money in 2011.  Will their choice of souvenirs change significantly this time?

I guess in we'll find out in 6 months.

What do you think their favorite rides will be this time?  What would you spend your souvenir money on at Disney World?


  1. YAY! I can't wait to go again. I'm waiting until our newest baby is 2. So we have 2 more years to go! I might get the urge to go sooner though, regardless of her age:)

  2. I agree. Disney is fun no matter when you get to go! Your blog is so cute, by the way. Can't wait for you to welcome your little girl into the world.

  3. Yay! Your kids will be so excited! Will you tell them or keep it a surprise?

  4. Interesting. We are contemplating a SeaWorld/Discovery Cove during our Fall Break. I wonder if it's the same week...