Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sick Day

Remember back in the good ole days when being sick meant your mommy stayed home and took care of you all day.  You got to watch cartoons and sip on Gatorade while lounging on the couch.

The good old days are today for David.

Poor guy.  He's got this weird stomach virus that makes him sick for about 24 hours, then he's OK for 12 hours, then sick, then OK and on and on.  It has lasted 5 days so far.  And on top of that he has a sinus infection.  He's a sick little guy.

But despite all that... Looney Tunes still make him laugh.  Even ones that were made in 1949 (yes, we looked it up on Wikipedia).  Guess I can endure Cartoon Network for a few more days until he feels better.

Let's just hope he feels better soon because Spring Break starts tomorrow and no one likes to be sick over Spring Break.

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