Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week in Review: Feb. 24 - March 2

I'm a few days late in getting this out.  I apologize.

We had the wonderful privilege of starting the week with my brother and his family as they prepare to move overseas.

Monday was pretty much recovery day here.  The kids were tired from the trip but, like little troopers, we all got up and made it to school on time.  Although there were claims (at 7 AM) that they were both going to come home after school and take naps, it didn't happen.  But it's fine, I didn't really expect it to.  We just made sure that everyone got to bed on time.

I took it easy knowing that my pain would increase some after sitting in a car for a long time.  And it did.  But I'm learning better how to handle it when my pain increases and what to do to lower the pain level.  It took a few days, but I recovered and I did not go into a tailspin.

David had a special day on Tuesday.  He officially became a Wolf Cub.

The way they do things in Cub Scouts confuses me sometimes, but this is how I understand it.  Each grade in Cub Scouts is assigned an animal.  First graders are Tiger Cubs, second graders are Wolf Cubs, and third graders are Bear Cubs.  You are called that animal name at the beginning of the year (i.e. David has been called a Wolf Cub all year) but you really don't achieve that rank until now, at the Blue and Gold Banquet.

David got his Wolf Cub patch and is officially a Wolf Cub now (even though he's been called a Wolf Cub all along, go figure).  That means he finished all the requirements in his book.  He can still do the electives in his book for the rest of the school year but he doesn't become a Bear Cub until next August.  And it means I have another patch to sew on his shirt.  Did I mention I don't really like sewing patches on things?

Proud parents
The week ended by poring over new designs, car designs to be specific.  Both kids worked hard on Saturday, drawing out car patterns to be cut out of a block of wood.  David gets to build a car for his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and Julie gets to build a car for the Awana Grand Prix.  And Tim gets to help build both of them.  Lucky Tim.

Can't end the post without this priceless picture of Julie.  We ordered a pizza from Papa John's and she decided she was going to try the pepper included in the box.  Kudos to her for deciding she was going to try something new.

She only got as far as sticking the pepper on her tongue, then she did this.

Guess it's a NO on the pepper.

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