Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All About Me: What I'm watching

Here's my confession.

I'm a TV-aholic.

Not just a little but a whole-lot-of-aholic.

Tim and I watch TV for 3 hours every night, from 8-11
And, I watch TV over lunch too.

So here's what we are watching:
(Sometimes we have to record shows to get them all in.)

Mondays - Chuck and House
Tuesdays - Glee
Wednesdays - American Idol, Survivor
Thursdays - American Idol, Big Bang Theory, CSI
Fridays - CSI: New York

The weekends and other hours, we watch Netflix streaming, Netflix movies from the mail or other recorded shows. 

(At the moment, my favorite Netflix show to watch during lunch is "18 and Counting".  Gotta love the Duggers!)

What about you?  What are your favorite shows?

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