Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: CSN Organization Goodies

I'm so excited about today's review.  Last month I was given the chance to pick some products to review from any of CSN's vast array of websites (over 200 in all!).

I was so excited when they arrived!  I mean who doesn't love getting a package in the mail!  And to beat it all, my free gifts came in 4 separate packages on 4 separate days.  I thought this was a little odd, but I got 4 times the mail that way, so, hey, I'll go with it.

Great Product #1:
DVD Storage Drawer
In an effort to organize my house (one of those New Years goals), I saw this and instantly loved it.  Tim laughs because I get so excited when I get something new to organize.  The kids even got into it and helped pull DVD's off the shelf for me to sort and organize.  My lovely new drawer holds up to 150 DVDs in 75 double-sided sleeves.  The sleeves come in 5 different colors to make for easy organization (and to make it just so pretty).  Our categories are Kids, Family, Chick Flicks, Regular Grown-up, and Superhero movies (gotta love our guys and their Superheroes). 

 Our drawer now lives here, right next to our TV.  Love the easy access for everyone.  However, when the drawer is open, it gets front heavy and can topple over. 

 Open with all the beautiful colors.  Love it!!  You can easily flip through the DVD's to see the movie titles.

My new DVD storage drawer definitely helped reduce the DVD clutter on our shelves.  Of course, I did keep all the cases for those DVDs in a box under my stairs.  Occasionally we do outgrow our DVDs and I try to get a little money out of selling them to a used bookstore.  The cases are necessary for that.

Great Product #2:

OK, so I was still on an organizing kick when I picked out these awesome hooks.  You see, our hall bathroom had a little problem.  The shower is on one side of the room and the only towel rack is on the other side of the room.  When my little shower-taker took her showers, towels exploded all over the floor - one to wipe her eyes on, one to dry off on, one to step on.  As much as I wanted her to hang up her towels, there wasn't enough room to put another long towel rack over by the shower.  So, I racked my brain to find a solution and, ta-da, I came up with robe hooks.  Lots of room to hang towels, little wall spaced needed.

 Here's one...

 And the other.  See how little wall space I had to work with.  The hooks fit perfectly!  And we installed it low enough for little hands to reach it.

The close-up.

We just love these hooks.  They look great, are very sturdy, and were relatively easy to install.  And best of all, no more towels on the floor!!

Great Product #3:

Another product I found that I really wanted were these weightlifting gloves.   I LOVE to lift weights but my hands don't love it so much.  I get frequent callouses and rips on my hands from gripping the weights and that needed to stop.  Now thanks to these handy-dandy things, it has.


They are padded on the palms to provide extra protection as well as extra grip.  And the gloves leave your fingers free for pulse checks.  Best of all? They. Are. Pink!!

Great Product #4:
Last year during all our snow days, our kids really enjoyed doing science experiments.  In light of that (and since this year is looking like last in terms of snow days), I picked out a new science kit for them.  This one is more along Tim's line of expertise.  With it, the kids will be building an electrical alarm.  We haven't pulled it out yet - still waiting for one of those all-snowed in days - but everyone is eagerly anticipating its release from the box.

Great Product #5:
Isn't it pretty?!!  And functional too.  Obviously I needed a new planner because my last one expired on Dec 31.  So I found this one.  It's very useful.  On one side is a pad with the Days of the Week.  There is plenty of room on each day to make a list and the days aren't numbered so if I skip a week, I don't have to waste any of the planner.  The other side of the planner has a pouch to keep important things like appointment cards as well as several sizes of post-it notes.  

We loved all the new products we got!!  Thank you very much to CSN for providing me with opportunity to try them out!!

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