Monday, February 21, 2011

A little parenting secret

Shhhh, I've got a secret.

Well maybe it's more like a confession.

I have figured out a way to keep my son still and quiet in church.  I should have tried this method earlier.  Doctors have been using it for years.  What's my secret?


Yup!  Give the kid a lollipop and he listens to the sermon.  There are rules attached, of course.

Well, one rule anyway:  You cannot eat the lollipop until the music is over and the sermon starts.

One lollipop (the good big ones, not the little dum dum ones) lasts just long enough for our preacher to finish his sermon.  In fact, David was doing the final crunch off the stick while the invitation was starting.  He quietly and calmly went out to wash his hands.  He came back in time to take his offering up front, then we were done.  Perfect timing - perfect quiet little distraction.

So, there you tip for the day...sugar your kids up so they can hear God's Word.

Anyone have any good coupons for lollipops?


  1. Fabulous ideas! I have found most foods will keep their mouths shut long enough for me to accomplish whatever it is I need to get done lol. Sometimes a momma just needs some help!

  2. I was so against Abby having gum for a long time and finally I gave in and got her a gumball at a store - she was quiet for 30 minutes and I was absolutely amazed.

  3. Fair enough, that's quite a good idea but be careful for he might be asking for it every time you'd go to the church. It's part of spoiling him.

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