Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The best laid plans

Well....I had big bloggy plans this week.

I was going to write and post all about our Magic Kingdom days on Monday and Tuesday, tell you how to add a menu bar to your blog on Wednesday, review a new Jumpstart game/learning site on Thursday and figure out Friday's post later in the week.  AND I was going to pre-write all of this stuff so it would be scheduled and ready.

But you know how the best laid plans go.

Instead, I went on a date with my husband on Saturday afternoon and evening after planting about 30 flowers.  I didn't even touch my computer all day.  (By the way, our date was wonderful.  As of Sunday, we have been married 12 years!  I love you, sweetie!)

Then on Sunday, church ran incredibly long (guest preacher); I took a nap; I planted more flowers; then the thunderstorm from down under rained down havoc on our section of town.  The power went out at 7:30 PM Sunday night and didn't come back until 9 PM Monday night.  Argh!!!  No computer for me.

Monday night the power came on at 9 ... and the internet and cable went out shortly thereafter.  Of course.

Today was the last day of school and Julie's piano recital is tonight (not to mention day camp registration, end-of-school lunch with Daddy, etc).  So this is my little window of computer time for the day.

Obviously this week is not going as planned.  But as Alexander's mom said "Some days are like that...even in Australia."

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  1. I love to have a plan! I love sticking to the plan. But in the event I can't I always say a plan is like road map, at least it gives you a place to pick back up if you get off track! Glad you got your power back and the cable better stay on now too! Tonight is a BIG TV night!