Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disney: Magic Kingdom Day 2

Planning a trip to Disney World?  Read up on my tips and tricks before you go.

On our very last day of our Disney vacation, we went back to the Magic Kingdom.  We had a tour scheduled for 10 AM and the park opened at 8.  So we got up extra early that day to get on that bus at 7 because we all know that an early start is essential to having short lines.

Earlier in the week, we had pretty much ridden everything in Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland and Liberty Square that we wanted to.  Today we were focusing on Tomorrowland.  And guess what's in Tomorrowland?  Yup!  Space Mountain!!  The epitome of iconic Disney rides.  Well, maybe not the epitome, but still the ride we had been waiting for.  That's where we headed first.

So how did we like Space Mountain?  All but one of us loved it!  David had the misfortune of being in the front seat...and he hated the ride.  Guess we should have put him farther back.  But Julie and I liked it so much that we got a Fastpass for later and rode again.  Wahoo!

Next up was a ride all for David - Tomorrowland Speedway - loud, diesel-smelling, slow-driving race cars.  David liked it so much he and Tim rode it again while Julie and I took our second Space Mountain ride.  After our race car adventure, we headed over to the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin.  This ride was similar to Toy Story Mania but not as fun.  Inside is neon with blacklights.  The premise is that you need to help Buzz fight the evil emperor Zorg with your laser.  On the down side, you can't see where your laser is pointing so it's hard to tell what you are hitting.  On the plus side, it's the only ride that I beat Tim on!!!!!  And I beat him big time.  That made it fun.  That made us ride it again immediately.  Only I didn't win the second time, so I'm choosing to only remember the first time :).

At that point, it was time to head over to Town Hall for our Family Magic Tour.  I'm going to tell you all about that in a different post.  On our way we ran into:

Snow White.

Of course, we stopped to get her autograph and picture.  Then it was on to our tour.
Our Family Magic Tour was great!  But it did start raining towards the end of it.  It was the only rain we got all week and it only lasted about 2 hours, so I'd say we were pretty lucky.  Our tour ended about lunchtime, so we decided to eat at Ray's Starlight Cafe.  We discussed our plans for the afternoon and waited for the rain to end.  According to the "official" touring plan for the day we were done at lunch.  So whatever we chose to do after that was up to us.  

Our choice?  Get character signatures, see the parade and ride favorite rides one last time.  Since our tour had ended at Pirates of the Caribbean, we went ahead and rode that, getting in David's favorite ride one last time.  The next several hours were full of waiting in lines to see favorite movie characters.

Their autograph books filled up and their smiles grew.  David was funny.  He wanted signatures from all the princesses but did NOT want to get his picture made with them (except for Ariel - guess he liked her).  But the Disney photographers were not going to let him get away without taking his picture.  So we have numerous pictures of him trying to NOT get his picture made.

In the middle of all that happiness, we camped out on a corner in Liberty Square to wait for the parade.  The kids were hot and tired and were fighting nonstop.  They were getting on Tim's last nerve so he headed out for a few minutes to take a break and to get me a yummy funnel cake.  Then it was time to bring on the parade.

At the end of the day, we had just enough energy to ride Julie's favorite ride, Splash Mountain, one last time.  As we were exiting the ride, we saw Aunt Laura's favorite character, Goofy.  Aunt Laura had told us to tell him "Hi." So we just HAD to go see him.

That was the perfect note to end our Disney adventure on.

But, don't worry, I'm not quite done blogging about our adventures.  I'll be back with 2 more posts next week.

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