Friday, May 20, 2011

Medical Possibilities

I got some interesting mail the other day.
It was an Explanation of Benefits about my ER visit in March.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't usually enjoy mail telling me I owe yet another medical facility money.  However, this one was a little different. 

It said I'd met my out-of-pocket max for the year.  What does that mean?
  1. It means ER visits and surgeries are just WAY too expensive even with insurance.
  2. Better yet, it means insurance pays 100% for things from now on.
I know, I know, they won't pay for everything.
I'll still pay for copays, and prescriptions.
BUT I'm going to find out everything they will pay for and get it ALL done!

Lasik, spider-vein removal, allergy testing, boob job - yup, I'm calling the insurance about it all to see what they cover.  And if they cover a boob job, I'm totally doing it.  (Ah, I wish they would.)

What about you?  If insurance covered everything, what would you get done?


  1. Wow! Insurance will pay for everything?! That seems unheard of these days. I'd love to get the entire family allergy tested. It would be wonderful to pin down exactly what makes everyone sniffle and sneeze all year!

  2. I would correct my deviated septum and get a nose job at the same time. Get some laser hair remover (some women would argue it's necessary)! Oh yea, lasik would be a must!! I think that's it...