Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging for Books: Judgment Day

Judgment Day by Wanda Dyson
Judgment Day: A Novel

Suzanne Kidwell, a reporter for a local cable news channel, spends her life exposing criminals on her Judgment Day weekly cable news show.  During an investigation of a US senator, she finds her late boyfriend's nurse dead in her apartment.  Suzanne is the number one suspect in the crime.

Private investigator, Marcus Crisp, might be her only hope of proving her innocence.  Unfortunately he is also her ex-boyfriend.  As his investigation continues, details of Suzanne's shady business ethics are called into question.  Can Marcus see past his former hurt and continue with the investigation?  Will Suzanne's innocence be proven before she becomes the next victim?

My Thoughts 

I sound kind of like Randy Jackson here, but this book was just OK for me.  I got annoyed early on with some details that didn't match up.  First of all, on the back of the book, it states that an entrepreneur that she is investigating, John Sterling, is found dead on her floor.  But the book isn't written that way.  In the book, it's Suzanne's boyfriend's nurse that is murdered.  And John Sterling is a senator in the book not an entrepreneur.  That's a pretty big detail.  You'd think they'd get that right on the summary.

Secondly, towards the front of the book Suzanne attends a funeral.  Then she talks about an event that happens a week after the funeral.  Well...each chapter starts with a date.  And that event couldn't have happened a week after the funeral because it had not been a week since the funeral on the author's timeline.  That's the kind of thing an editor should catch.  And this isn't a prereleased copy.  This book has been out since September.

Anyway, I think because I found those two discrepancies early on, that while I read the rest of the book, I spent more time looking for more errors than I did enjoying the book.

As far as the story goes, it's one of those books where the reader knows who the murderer is.  You just don't know why and if the hero will figure it all out in time.  The crimes involved were actually very interesting.  They are crimes I had never heard of or read about.  I do give the author kudos for that.

As far as character development.  Some characters were developed a lot and really grew throughout the book.  Others seemed more superficial without steady growth.  My vote would be to borrow this from a friend or library instead of buying it new.

3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. LOL that you sound like Randy Jackson! I'm shocked that there was that much of an error in there. Crazy!