Monday, May 9, 2011

How many hours did it take?

Since I know you have been dying to know, it's time for the answer!!

How long did it take the kids to tell us they were bored?

(Drum roll, please.)

3 hours and 5 minutes.

Yup - a whole 3 hours, 5 minutes of watching movies and playing with toys until there was "absolutely nothing to do."

Our winner is...
Crystal who said "3 hours and 25 minutes. Have fun!"

So, fellow readers, what did she win???

Pin trading is a BIG thing at Disney.  Guests and employees (cast members) alike wear lanyards with all kinds of pins all over them.  Then they trade them.  So in light of that, I decided Crystal needed an official Disney pin to start (or add to) her collection.  Since I know that Crystal is very crafty, I picked up this pin for her.

Congratulations, Crystal!!  I'll be mailing out your prize this week!

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