Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book Review: Digitalis

Digitalis by Ronie Kendig

Digitalis (Discarded Heroes, Book 2)

Digitalis is the second book in the Discarded Heroes series. (Book 1, Nightshade, was reviewed here.)

Colton "Cowboy" McNeeley is a loving father and son.  He's also a highly trained sniper, one with deadly accuracy.  Nightshade, a black ops military group, looks to him as the stable force in their group.  Only he's off his game, shaken up by a woman.  Piper Blum has stolen his heart but Piper has secrets that she is hiding from him.  Keeping those secrets may put his family in danger, but revealing them may put an entire country in danger.

Can Nightshade rescue a nation?  Can Colton forgive the lies that Piper has told him?

My Thoughts:

After loving Nightshade, book 1 in the series, I had high hopes for book 2.  And it delivered!!  Twists and turns kept me interested.  Bad things happening to the good people made it believable. And just when you think you know who's behind the attacks, you're thrown for a loop.

Was there anything I didn't like?  Yes, I have just a few complaints.  They were more like annoyances.  Most books flow with an introduction, a conflict, the action, then the resolution.  The flow in this book is introduction, conflict, action, interlude, more action, then finally a resolution.  The action in the middle of the book kind of threw me off.  Not that it was written badly, it was just different than other books I've read.

Despite the flow issues, I still loved the book.  I recommend it to all who love to read.

5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to NetGalley for providing the Kindle version of this book for review.

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