Monday, April 11, 2011

My vicarious life

Like every good blogger, I love to read other blogs.  I get ideas. I laugh. I cry.  It's a great escape. 

I am especially intrigued when someone has a unique blog idea.  You know, like the Julie girl on Julie and Julia who had the wonderful idea to cook her way through Julia Child's french cookbook and blog about it. That was a unique blog idea.

Most of the time, I feel like my blog is very generic, a dime a dozen.  I would love to come up with a great premise for a blog.  But, alas, until I do, I have to live vicariously through others who have great ideas. 

So you can share in the vicarious living with me, I give you my current 3 favorite unique blogs.

Stuff Christians Like - Jon Acuff is a wonderful Christian writer who knows how to satirize Christianity in a way that isn't sacrilegious but makes me crack up almost every day. He created his blog in response to the blog Stuff White People Like (just for the record, I've never read that blog, so I don't know anything about it).  I look forward to reading his witty posts every day. 

101 Books - Time magazine produced a list of the 100 greatest English-speaking novels since 1923 and Robert Bruce had decided to read through them all...and blog about it.  101 Books is one book-lovers journey.  He not only reviews the books, he looks up everywhere that the book has been - on the big screen, in articles, etc and he gives you little precursor information prior to his reviews.  He also has his own rankings going to see how much he agrees with Time magazine.  I think it's a wonderful idea for a blog if a bit time consuming :).

I heart Organizing - Jen runs a blog all about organizing.  She organizes the spaces in her home (and takes beautiful pictures of it), she organizes her life with a household notebook, and she features other organizers with great ideas.  I have seen and read a lot of DIY blogs for updating your house, but to me, a blog all about organizing is very unique.

So there you have it.  The blogs I look forward to reading every day.  Click on 'em, check 'em out, see if you find them as worthy as I have.


  1. Thanks, Cathy for posting these links. I have only heard of Stuff Christians Like in your list. I will check out the others.

    I am visiting you from Social Moms. Nice to "meet" you. I hope you have a blessed week!
    Long Wait For Isabella

  2. You could do a blog about duct tape. Think macgyver style.

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