Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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As I mentioned before, last week was Spring Break and, as a last minute change, we decided to go to Pigeon Forge to Wonderworks for the day.

We had never been there before and really weren't sure what to expect.  But who wouldn't want to go here:

From their website, we learned that Wonderworks is:
Pigeon Forge's #1 indoor interactive attraction. An amusement park for the mind, featuring over 100 interactive exhibits to spark the imagination. Fun for the whole family to experience.
And it was.  It was kind of like a children's museum on steriods.  There were plenty of things to touch and play with (and, thankfully, plenty of Purex dispensers as well).  David loved the touch-screen computers with multiple choice questions.  He didn't really read the questions.  He just liked pushing the answer buttons until he got it right.

Wonderworks had some unique things, like a Quake Cafe.  It was a little table that you sit at in a little room.  Then the room starts shaking as if it were in a 5.3 Richter scale earthquake.  It was kind of unique to experience that while also knowing you are perfectly safe.  Next to it was the Hurricane Zone, where you were exposed to hurricane force winds.

There was a HUGE ropes course suspended 15 feet up in the air...and that was just the bottom of it.  It was 3 levels high!  We waited an hour to get on that and both children freaked out.  David refused to leave the base to do any of the obstacles.  Tim had to turn around with him and go down until I got done.  Julie was a little braver and went along the first 2 obstacles with no problem.  Then she freaked and kept repeating "get me down from here - NOW!"  I helped her get around to the exit and got her down.  I was impressed with her though.  Even though she fell once (yes, we were very secure with a harness attached above us, so we couldn't really fall), she kept her wits about her and put her feet back on the course and finished.  When we were done Tim went up by himself and went all over the course.  Glad someone got our wait's worth out of it.

After that, we stuck to tamer things.  Like letting our kids lay on a bed of nails.

By far, our family's favorite part of Wonderworks was the laser tag game at the end.  Three out of four of us did horrible and had embarrassing scores (well, probably it was only embarrassing for the one of us that was over 30), but it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  It wasn't a scary course.  It was pretty open and there were lots of chances to shoot our laser guns.  We could have done that several more times and the kids would have been happy.

I'll leave you with some fun photo ops.

I didn't receive any compensation or free tickets from Wonderworks, although that would have been nice.  I just wanted to tell you about our fun day.

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