Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Bloggers Needed

Hey out there to all my wonderful bloggy peeps.  Have I told you lately how great you are?

OK, ok, I'm trying to butter you up a bit here.  Why?

Because I'm in need of some guest bloggers for the week of May 2-6. 

Guest blogging is a great way to get the word out about your blog.  Advertise yourself, tell my readers who you are so they can go check out your neck of the blogging woods.

If you are not a blogger, that's OK too.  Maybe you have some issue you've wanted to get off your chest and out into the world.  Now's your chance.

You can write about anything you want.  However, because this is a family-friendly blog, I can't take any posts with curse words, or the Lord's name taken in vain.

Just leave me a comment saying you want to guest post and make sure I have an email address where I can contact you.  That's it!


  1. Hi Cathty, I'd love to write a post for your blog. Can I write on something car related? Perhaps how to keep your kids entertained on long journeys? If there's anything else specific you'd like me to write on please let me know.

    I'd be looking to put one link in the text of the post if that's ok?

    Thanks so much :)


    you can contact me at:

  2. Hi Cathy. I'd be willing to do a blog post. I could write about tips for traveling with kids, or do a book review, or any number of other things.

    You can email me at arboyd at gmail dot com

    P.S. I linked to your post where you mentioned the 101 Books blog here

    Love that blog!

  3. Cathy, I'm sorry I missed the chance to submit a guest post--I think our blogs would make nice "friends" :) Check us out if you get a chance!
    Also on twitter:!/themudpiemakers

  4. Hi,

    I came across your site and found out that you are allowing guest posting. I’m very much interested in doing a guest post in your site, please email me at for more details.